Emergency Study – Flower Essence Blend for Attention and Concentration

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Emergency Study – Flower Essence Blend for Attention and Concentration by Flowerceutica | 30 ml | Remedy for Lack of Focus | Fast Acting and 17 Years of Clinical Use without Side Effects | Safe for All Ages



IMPROVES CONCENTRATION: Flower essences are renowned for their ability to clear your mind, allowing you to focus on what’s important. They are a powerful alternative medicine for study sessions, or when you just need to be productive!

FAST ACTING: There’s no need to wait for our flower essence to kick in! This alternative medicine works almost instantly, boosting your attention and focus in no time.

A NATURAL FORMULA: Made from all-natural ingredients, the Flowerceutica flower essences contain no harmful chemicals! Use them as often as you want with peace of mind!

NO SIDE EFFECTS: As a form of alternative medicine, flower essences have no side effects, and don’t interfere with any other medicines. The gentle ingredients mean that they’re suitable for all ages!

LONG SHELF LIFE: Unlike prescription medicine, this study remedy will stay fresh for years to come. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated – keep it in your office or your school bag and use it when needed!

Whether you have exams coming up or a big project due, our flower essences can activate the mental boost you need. By working to clear your mind, this alternative medicine helps with mental clarity, and in turn gives you the focus to learn and retain important information!

With a gentle formula using these essences gives you an added edge for stressful study periods! Take them for as long as you need – thanks to the all-natural ingredients, there are no side effects, and people of all ages can use them safely.

Our flower essence for focus and concentration is easily transportable. The unbreakable bottle is small and compact, and it even comes with its own pipette for effortless dosage. And with no need to keep it in the fridge, you can simply keep it in your bag, drawer or office for when you need a mental boost – fast!

Orchid Essence mix in in solarized radenoic water (78%); Conservant: organic alcohol (22%).

How to take :
Take 2 drops 3 or 4 times per day.

Emergency Study – Flower Essence Blend for Attention and Concentration
16.00 VAT