Emergency Stress – Flower Essence Blend for Stress

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Emergency Stress – Flower Essence Blend for Stress by Flowerceutica | 30 ml | Remedy to Relieve from Anxiety | Fast Acting and 17 Years of Clinical Use without Side Effects, Safe for All Ages.



CURB YOUR ANXIETY: Our rescue remedy is designed to relieve stress and anxiety when you need to most. When dealing with stressful situations or traumatic events, let our relaxing drops help you calm down!

FAST ACTING: Our flower essence works a lot faster than many of the anxiety remedies available on the market. Simply squeeze 2–5 drops on your tongue and relieve your stress.

SAFE FOR ALL AGES: With an all-natural formula, anyone can benefit from our relaxation remedy!

PRACTICAL BOTTLE: Our bottle is small and unbreakable, perfect for transporting with ease. What’s more, you get more for your money than you would with competing products.

NO SIDE EFFECTS: Our essence isn’t a synthetic drug, so there are absolutely no harmful side effects. Use this stress relief medicine as often as you need it, worry free!

Calm your nerves and enjoy tranquility with our flower essence, an all-natural alternative medicine that helps to combat stress. Whether you have anxiety or just need to unwind after a traumatic situation, it can help clean your energy and leave you feeling rejuvenated and worry-free.

This alternative medicine has been used clinically for 17 years, with absolutely no side effects. Unlike some prescribed medication, it doesn’t counteract any other drugs, and it is completely safe for all ages to use. So whether you’re studying for school exams or need to relax after a big boardroom meeting, this alternative rescue medicine has you covered!

We know that anxiety isn’t just limited to your home, which is why we’ve made sure our formula is easily transportable. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and its unbreakable bottle means it’s safe in your handbag or suitcase. Anxious about flying? Simply slip it in your hand luggage and calm your nerves!

Bougainvillea essence ,Hibiscus schizopetalus essence
Orchid Essence mix in solarized radionic water water (78%); Conservant: organic alcohol (22%).

How to take :
Take 2 drops 3 or 4 times per day.

Emergency Stress – Flower Essence Blend for Stress
16.00 VAT