Emergency Fatigue – Flower Essence Blend for Vitality and Energy

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Emergency Fatigue – Flower Essence Blend for Vitality and Energy by Flowerceutica | 30 ml |Remedy for Mental, Emotional and Physical Exhaustion | Fast Acting, 17 Years of Clinical Use



BEAT FATIGUE FAST: Need a little pick me up throughout the day? Flowerceutica flower essence works quickly to combat physical, emotional and mental exhaustion.

COMPLETELY SAFE: Our alternative energy medicine doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Made with flower essences, water and alcohol, it is suitable for all ages and there are no side effects!

EASY TO TAKE: With a built-in pipette, these energy drops can be used any time, any place. Simply squeeze 2–5 drops on your tongue and reap the benefits. You’re in control of the dosage!

UNBREAKABLE BOTTLE: Made from food-grade materials, your energy essences are safe from drops and accidents.

FITS IN YOUR HANDBAG: There’s no need to leave this alternative medicine at home! Its compact shape will easily slip into your bag, so you can revitalize yourself throughout the day.

From being tired in an afternoon meeting to losing concentration on long car journeys, feeling fatigued can have a negative impact on your day-to-day life. Our flower essence is designed to boost your energy levels when you need it most – it’s natural, safe and works fast!

This alternative remedy works by cleaning your energy field, leaving you feeling refreshed, alert and in control. Arriving in a compact, unbreakable bottle, it’s easy to enjoy this pick-me-up anywhere – simply slip this energy medicine in your handbag and use the pipette to drop the liquid onto your tongue for an instant boost!

As they are natural energy flower essences, you do not need to worry about having any unwanted side effects. Unlike some over the counter remedies, they won’t interfere with other medicine, and they’re completely safe for all ages!

Orchid Essence mix in solarized radionic water (78%); Conservant: organic alcohol (22%).

How to take :
Take 2 drops 3 or 4 times per day.

Emergency Fatigue – Flower Essence Blend for Vitality and Energy
16.00 VAT